Friday, September 15, 2006


Check out this great site for understanding ratios:

I want you to work your way through making sure that you do the problem solving activity and the quiz.

Is the slope of a linear equation (linear function) a ratio? Explain.

Fun and Sun

Dateline: Monday Sept. 18

Today we're going to explore the graph worksheet you had last Friday. First let's go to the website and play around with the numbers.

Now look at the two printouts of graphs based on the data from the Rent a Car problem. What are the differences between them? What are the similarities? Which is the correct graph? Why? How did I come up with the equations? ---When answering this question you might need to refresh your memory by going through this link:

Parents and Students

In math class today we worked on a graphing activity called "Fun and Sun." Students were given time to work on the activity in class and if they didn't complete the assignement it became homework. In order to complete the assignment students should have a "Fun and Sun" worksheet and some graph paper. This is due Monday, Sept. 18. We will also have our first quiz on graphing on Mon. Sept. 18.

In Civics class we are doing a timeline on the subject "On the Day I was born......" Students should try to find political and governmental events that occured on the day they were born. They should have at least ten events. Five of the events should deal with politics and government. Click on this link to find a help sheet for timelines:

Fun with Fractions?

Here is a website to go to for practice with fractions. Today I'd like everyone to go through all the parts of this tutorial.