Sunday, January 28, 2007

Week 1 Social Studies

Every week we'll have vocabulary words that are taken from American Historical documents. On Monday the words will be on the board. Make a vocab. folder on your desktop. Look up the words on your laptops.

On Tuesdays we'll go over the words and you'll be expected to have the correct meanings.

On Wednesdays we'll have a crossword puzzle as a review.

On Fridays we'll have a quiz.

On Mondays we'll also have a news activity. Throughout the week you'll be expected to review the week's news stories and there will be a couple of questions on the week's quiz.

We will also be studying historical documents starting with the Declaration of Independence. (We will also be studying the US Constitution with an emphasis on the Bill of Rights) There will be a question or two about the documents on the weekly quiz.

Here is the first news activity: (Read the article and answer the question),2933,245528,00.html

Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, announced that she is taking an initial step in a bid for the presidency in 2008 by filing papers to form an exploratory committee. The former First Lady made her announcement on her Web site. Summarize what she said.