Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Car Project

Here is some helpful advice on your car project:

Insurance: Don’t use your real name. Use 04401 for zip code. Don’t need Social security number.



Taxes: After you’ve selected all of your options and added up the price of the car, you need to add in the Sales Tax. (5%)

Financing: You don’t need to apply for financing. Just go to this site and select which kind of car you’re getting. You need to multiply the total price (including taxes) of your car (not including your insurance) by the finance rate and then add that number to the total price.


Drivers’ Ed: There are several driving schools in the area.



In this project you will choose a car to buy and decide what the "hidden" expenses will be. You have several worksheets to complete. There are recommended resources on insurance, maintenance, and financing but you can use other resources as well.


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