Monday, February 12, 2007

Week 3 Social Studies

Pleases read the following article and comment on the following:
1. Explain what "Brown vs. The Board of Education" case was and how it affected our country.,6260,636640,00.html

Here are this weeks words (taken from the US Bill of Rights):

Vested, Numerous, Apportioned, Vacancies, Impeachment, Composed, Vacated, Resignation, Inhabitant, Presides, Candid, Posterity


Anonymous said...

It was to make it so blacks and whites could go to the same schools.
It has changed america besause blacks dont have to go to old and rotted schools with out dated books and no desks.

Leigh Welch said...

This made sepration of races illegal. this made a big change in our country by letting all the races combind the world now realizes that even though we may be a different race we are all people.

Tyler Russ said...

Brown sued the Board of Education because his duaghter had to ride a bus for 21 blocks just to get to a all- black Monroe school. This changed life because now any body of any race can be free to go to any school as they please. :D

cascamman said...

Brown vs. the board of education case was Oliver Brown sued the bored of education because his black daughter was not allowed to attend an all white school which was closer and more upgraded than the black school. This caused desegregation cases to pop up all over the country which made black and white school

Anonymous said...

This made it so that it was illegal to separate the different races. This made a huge difference in our country because it changed education so that all the students could go to the same school and get the same education.
Charna Reeves