Thursday, June 23, 2016

Breaking the Banks!!!

1. Students will read/listen to(what kind of materials??) in order to___________________________________ (learn about financial crises)

 2. Students will show their learning by (end product/Project) _____________________________________ (essay/tri-fold)

 3. Students/The Teacher will evaluate the learning by (using a rubric, checklist, etc.)

 Purpose: To learn the causes of financial crises, how they impact citizens, and how we might avoid crises in the future.

 Comparing and Contrasting the financial crises of the 1920-30s, with the crisis in 2008. 


History--Survey the history of the 1920-30s/Survey History 2000-2016
Reading--Close reading of various texts/essays--vocabulary/critical reading/evaluate-extend meaning.
Writing--English Writing conventions--sentence/paragraph/essay structure. Create advertising copy.
Math-Cost analysis then and now/Analyzing Charts and Graphs/Creating Charts and Graphs.

 What are the similarities between the two financial crises?? Differences?

 Have different student pairs/groups bring information/insight to the large group. (Using the blog comment feature)

 1. Causes of the Great Depression
 2. Causes of the Great Recession
 3. Impact on People

 Culminating Project: Comparison/Contrast Essay on similarities/differences--to be displayed on tri-fold with other info of the two time periods. Possibly--Create brochures on financial literacy/Create Blog or Newsletter.

 Introduction: Watch Movie: "Too Big to Fail" Resources:

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